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faye By zartisitc Updated 4 days ago

''H-How could y-you?' I whisper as my voice cracks.

Zayn pulls away from this girl and looks at me surprised. 'H-Heather? When did you get here?' he says backing away from this girl he was just kissing seconds ago.

I don't answer him, instead ask again, 'How could you?' suddenly feeling not only hurt but anger. 'It's not what it looks like,' he says.

'It's exactly what it looks like, you were just cheating on me,' I say looking at the girl in disgust, 'How many other girls did you kiss behind my back? Huh Zayn? Answer me!'

'None,' he say looking at the ground and then back up at me as he takes a step towards me but I take a step back. 'Liar, then what were you doing right now?!' I say as more tears fall down my face.


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ski-53 ski-53 Jun 04
Well that's a way to tell your kids their getting marrid 😂😂😂