Deadly Attraction: 2P!America x Reader x America

Deadly Attraction: 2P!America x Reader x America

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Celine By YourHero213 Updated Jul 30, 2015

You were a normal girl living a perfect life.

That is, until your foster parents began treating you like an annoyance. Now you've met Allen—mysterious. Rebellious. Gun-obsessed. But he loves you, and he won't let anyone get between you two. Not even your best friend, Alfred; and especially not your parents.

Then he gives you a choice: Him... or them. Who will you choose?

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aphghoul aphghoul Sep 08, 2016
I think I recall you asking for the artist of your cover picture for this work and if you still don't know its panda-pow from tumblr!! ^^
thatonefangirlofall thatonefangirlofall Sep 23, 2016
Oh please no.not 2p!nyo!america.i have the same name as her.
Biscuit-Trash Biscuit-Trash Aug 15, 2015
I already love the story *w* it seems great!
                              And I wanna hug poor Peter gahh the precious sweetheart needs love-
OfficialHeirOfBreath OfficialHeirOfBreath Jul 21, 2015
It's so weird whenever Genderbent America (Amelia) is in the story because my first name is Amelia...
Hetalia_Denmark Hetalia_Denmark Mar 23, 2015
I would pack my things and at night take my little brother and run away (probably to Alfred)
OrhimeKaitoma OrhimeKaitoma Feb 19, 2015
mahahaha so where going away from our friend to a demon in Texas were it's hot and nooooo I don't wanna leave Allferd and go to Allen