The Alpha's Assassin Mate

The Alpha's Assassin Mate

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TigerWolf14 By TigerWolf14 Updated Aug 03, 2014

~Killing is too easy for me. But I don't have to be this way. He did this to me. He took it all away. My humanity, my hope, and my heart. So bad I went rouge, just to be captured and engineered into a killer. A hybrid of many breeds. I am no longer the pathetic rejected mate, no, I am the Assassin.~

17 year old Zoey Chambers was just the average wolf. She was bullied in school and has been abused at home for 6 years by her dad since her mother died. She has waited through all those years for her 17th birthday so her mate can take the pain away and rescue her from her life. But what happens when he is the worst of them all!?

18 year old Zander Hawkins is the soon to be alpha of the White Fury pack. He's a player and has waited a year for his mate. But when he smells that mouthwatering scent that is Zoey, the school nerd, he does the only thing he can think of, he rejects her. But did he make a mistake?

Now Zoey is back. And there's something different about her. After all, though no one knows, she is the famous Assassin. Everyone wants her, alphas want to recruit her, and those who bullied her, want to be her. They'll get what they deserve, and let me tell you, payback will hurt. No one can get into her heart. But can Zoey deny the mate that broke her? Or will she forgive and forget?

*lots of surprises for Zoey and her mate(s). (oops spoiler alert)*

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This book is actully good. If you want a tip try to discribe things in the book.
conal2003 conal2003 Apr 08, 2016
Can't wait to read this book 😊😊 it sounds interesting I hope u keep updating and never give up 😘😘