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The Ouran Cafe Princess | ohshc

The Ouran Cafe Princess | ohshc

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👑Xing👑 By Nihao_Xing Updated Apr 18

Aki Suoh. Both a Cafe owner and a student. She's extremely young, the owner and leader of two companies, and a girl with two names to uphold. She's helped a multitude of people, from saving people in Africa, to finding the cure to many people's cancer. You wouldn't expect her to be flirty and the girl version of Tamaki Suoh, her brother. Born in France with a French mother, and a Japanese father, she is a haifu, but was raised by her uncle Hitori Suoh in Britain, the one who hid her away from the people who tried to kill her. What would you expect from Tamaki's sister? A complete ditz who doesn't know what she's doing? Well, no not exactly, but instead, a very... Short, girl, who is mature, level-headed, and quite sarcastic if I may add. 
  How do you think the host club react when they meet her? Let alone find out her mysterious past...
  [Will be going through very heavy editing so be aware of updates that aren't new chapters!]
  - Xing

__KiSA __KiSA Mar 31
Hoity Toity? Wow, I've read hundreds of books​ and still haven't come across that.
Lillypupz Lillypupz Nov 29, 2016
Yes, they are lesbians, it's unintentional, but still... VERY valid
lamexicana02 lamexicana02 Sep 16, 2016
If this bothers you then I don't recommend attending lobelia academy.
Lillypupz Lillypupz Nov 29, 2016
Tamiki or Hanni, but I believe Tama-baka since Hanni is eighteen years old
BloodyBatty BloodyBatty Oct 05, 2016
Why does Tamaki look older than her and should be in a high class if they are twins? Shouldn't she be in Kyoya's and Tamaki's class? with other second years?
- - Jul 25, 2016
When my little sister wants me to wear nail polish and all pink