The Gods and Demigods Read: The Lightning Thief

The Gods and Demigods Read: The Lightning Thief

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ReadingGreekMyths By ReadingGreekMyths Updated Jul 10, 2016

What if after the Second Titan War, the demigods who fought in it was sent back in time to read all of Percy's adventures. Let's see how it all goes!

~~~Basically the Heroes of Olympus never happened~~~

~Not my photo~

mrowdonalina mrowdonalina Aug 31, 2016
Like me, except the adults are always arguing about the kids' ages
Prankster_of_Hermes Prankster_of_Hermes Oct 26, 2016
*thinks for a moment* *thinking face* he is... @Rebel_Solace
thebooktheif-snail thebooktheif-snail Aug 28, 2016
Well I never see my whole family because everyone lives in a different country but when I do it's chaotic
booklover_demigod booklover_demigod Oct 14, 2016
Percy : Oh, dam it
                              * Steve Rogers appears out of nowhere*Language!
RowanNaerJackson RowanNaerJackson Jun 15, 2016
Anytime I'm with my family people think about me like this like how and I related to THAT
camv11 camv11 Oct 10, 2016
I hope that my little brother (Nico) doesn't want to cry or something in the titan's curse :(