First Impressions (Haikyuu Fanfic)

First Impressions (Haikyuu Fanfic)

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Lee Mi - Nah (AkiKeiko123) By LeeMi-Nah Updated Apr 20, 2016

Hina, known a Niko is a girl. She is forced to behave, act and breathe as a male. Her mother, had always wished for a boy, but, when Hina was born; she became unable to bear anymore children. Therefore, she forced Hina to grow up as a male. 

Unable to defy her mother, Hina did as she asked.

She enters Karasuno under the orders of her mother, who wants her to join a sport. It was unknown to both Hina and her mother that Karasuno would bring more than expected, especially a first love. Follow Hina as she struggles with her identity and most of all, keep it a secret from the boys she grows to love so dearly.

  • anime
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  • genderbender
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feorhh feorhh Dec 06, 2016
Ironically, her name is Ai which means love in Japanese, and yet she isn't a loving person at all..
Mad_Desires Mad_Desires Jul 22, 2016
She is not afraid of the dark , she is just afraid what's in it
_TheForeverFlatGirl_ _TheForeverFlatGirl_ Jan 05, 2017
Same like Nagisa Shiota, excepts Nagisa's mom wanted him to be a girl
just_a_nobody_xox just_a_nobody_xox Sep 25, 2016
when you fear disappointment but you are one.. to your mother....
Iamanerdybookworm Iamanerdybookworm May 27, 2016
Then there's me that my family wants to act like the lady I should be, #BoyishGirlProblems
skybluelover123 skybluelover123 Jan 19, 2016
I think mothers scare everyone especially having to ask them something