Beside You *Muke*

Beside You *Muke*

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Landen By LovelyLanden Completed

Luke Hemmings was shy by nature yet somehow forced that way by his home life. His only escape? Watching a lavender haired boy play guitar and sing covers of popular songs. One day, when Michael discovers his daily admirer, he decides to confront Luke. But what could that possibly lead to? 

Trigger warning: Self harm and abuse

Cover by AwkwardnessIsKey

Warning: I wrote this when I was 16 so it's very cringey.

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Soon you'll be asking that question and you will be the answer
i don't think I can read this. tears are already pricking to the backs of my eyes.
Okay, I know this is Muke, but I'm going hard core Lashton right now.
Plot twist: It was Michael’s car and this was his plan all along. To get Luke wet, take him home, and...we’ll y’all know what happens next. 😏
I love boys who love tea, like you are allowed to take me on tea dates babe.
Is Michael bipolar and the next he'll just be like "Hey Luke!"