Corvus (Stars and Sails, Book 1)

Corvus (Stars and Sails, Book 1)

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Aiden Payne is a drifter. His only memory of home is a mysterious tattoo. While working as a gold miner, his path crosses with Amelia Rose Wagner, a sheltered girl in love with navigation and the stars. After a fatal mistake, the two find themselves running from the law.  Fleeing may be their only escape, yet finding a way out might prove impossible.

Hundreds of miles away, Jade Harris' father and crewmates have been murdered at the hands of an escaped pirate. When a bounty hunter after the same pirate offers her a job in exchange for the remains of the ship, Jade accepts. As she repairs her vessel, old enemies and secretive newcomers make her question everything she knew about her father and the attack.

Now, these three strangers must unbury the secrets of their shared pasts, but memory proves to be a very fickle thing.

Book One of the Stars and Sails Series.

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