Under Heat (Broken #0.5)

Under Heat (Broken #0.5)

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Shannon Hewitt By WarriorWriter Updated Dec 12, 2014

When I met Jackson he'd already been hardened by the harsh reality of life. I was just the girl who slowly fell apart because of him.

I was the girl going through my Heat while dad's new security settled in. thought they were here to protect our new house, we didn't know how many people resented my father's new position on the council. I was wrong. Every time I thought it couldn't get worse, I was proven wrong. Each lie and betrayal cut deeper than the last, each cut to the heart more soul destroying than the last. 
Nothing ever good comes from a broken man... 

**Under the Heat is a novella which is accompanied by a second book, Unbroken (coming soon)**

(Amazing cover by @guyswithguitars)

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WarriorWriter WarriorWriter Aug 02, 2014
@Dramatic_n_crazy yes, this is the same story. It's just an updated version with more development and less plot holes.
WarriorWriter WarriorWriter Aug 02, 2014
@beach_life Thank you. This version won't be that different, just more though out and.....better, really.
WarriorWriter WarriorWriter Aug 02, 2014
@morrisgirl Oh, no! I'd never abandon a story without good reason. Thank you for the continued support!
morrisgirl morrisgirl Aug 01, 2014
I can't wait for more!!! Thank you so much for continuing I was so scared when you deleted this the first time that you'd decided not to re-write after all!!
beach_life beach_life Aug 01, 2014
AHHH! I'm so excited! I loved the first version so I'm excited to read this one! I love how original this story is.
mtd1109 mtd1109 Aug 01, 2014
Hey! The preface seems awesome by I'm a little confused on "being mates to him but he's not mated to me" who would feel the mate bond then? Would he get all possessive and mate-like towards her or would she be the one to feel it?