The Babysitter » styles

The Babysitter » styles

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Ro ❤ By socialcasualtea Updated Mar 16, 2015

“I'll just keep chasing the babysitters away, and she knows it."

Harry Styles, a twenty-year-old man, still living at home with his mom, in no rush to leave.

Clara Elliot, an eighteen-year-old girl, still living at home with her parents, desperate to get enough money to move away.

When Harry's mother offers her the job of babysitting her son, Clara accepts. She, however, doesn't know what she's getting herself into.

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((beautiful cover made by @cigarettehoran))

@ me lol I haaaate kids so much. I guess it good that I'm ver good at being fake. Cause I be ballin after babysitting.
voxdka voxdka Apr 12
she just described me lol I hate kids but need to make that 💸💸
Me after being in this fandom for 6 years 
                              Join the fandom they said
                              It'll be fun they said
                              🔥🙄😑😩 but it's like I can't leave cause I still love yall
You're all here telling you babysit 30$ and me in France it's like 10€ and it's the maxima I can get (I feel very lucky)
Wait a minute. Draco blond Niall blond.
                               They are both rich...,
                              MALFOY BABY HOW ARE YOU HONEY?!!????!!!
I live for you, I long for you, Olivia
                              I've been idolizing the the light in your eyes Olivia 
                              I live for you, I long for you, Olivia 
                              Don't let me go
                              Don't let me go