Choosing Her Alpha (An Dystopian M/F Omegaverse Story)

Choosing Her Alpha (An Dystopian M/F Omegaverse Story)

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Dystopian m/f omegaverse that contains mature themes such as heavy sexual content and power exchange. Reader discretion is advised.  

In a dystopian world, fertile omegas must choose an alpha after coming of age.  It is her lawful right and legal obligation.  Unfortunately, for 18 year old Sasha, she can't wait that long.  Her clinically insane mother has set plans in motion that will see her life and those she cares about in ruins if Sasha doesn't move fast enough.  There's just one problem; she doesn't know any of the local alphas. There is only one man her deceased father mentioned with respect and as a man of honor, his rival, the Alpha Warlord Constantine Kane. Her goal is to find him and place herself at his mercy as her choice for an alpha.

In the 12 Sectors, breeders choose but alphas always dominate.

This title premiered on the free platform Wattpad in 2019 is no longer accessible. It is currently undergoing revisions and edits and will be available in 2020 via Amazon.

(I had help with this blurb from the lovely @JenGrey because I am horrid at them)