Percy Jackson: Betrayed and wants Revenge

Percy Jackson: Betrayed and wants Revenge

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Perseus Jackson. Recognise that name? 

He used to be a hero. Fantastic demigod he used to be. Son of Poseidon?

Until he got betrayed. 

He no longer has any friends. 

He no longer has any family. 

He no longer is the son of Poseidon. 

And he no longer is standing up for Camp Half-Blood. He's sick of them. That's why, he's on Kronos's side now. 


Cover by Nico_and_Percy

Everything but plot belongs to Rick Riordan. The plot is mine. 


THE SEQUEL IS "Finishing the Prophecy"

We tried to warn you......  *cough*not to late*cough*burn him*cough*
Fûck you Braden
                              I don't care that I haven't even read the story
                              He sounds like a real cûnt
I swear to God's that this kid is not a son of a god, but the son of gabe himself
I've gotta hand it to him , he is a pretty good liar but still he's a bich
Why don't they believe persassy?? They only just met the new guy and don't even know him 😤
eh... i never liked Jason... when he first was introduced in The Lost Hero, he seemed like a Percy 2.0