Avengers Watch?

Avengers Watch?

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Wish By NotThatSad Updated Sep 12, 2019

'Your wish has been granted. -The Genie.' 

Being kidnapped is bad, sure, but if you get to watch trailers of your lives then is it really that bad? I mean, kind of, but I don't think that's all there is to it. 

Peter, Steve, and Tony Stark find themselves in a movie theater. Aching from pain and the lack of answers, they need to piece together their memories while watching trailers of their lives and others. But, paying attention to that is hard work when you're in constant pain from whatever drug the kidnappers put you on. 

(My bold and italics finally started working y'all! I'm not going to get rid of the old A/N complaining about them though, just for old time's sake.) 

[OLD] To the younger me who absolutely hated these stories: Fuck you. 

To any of my friends who might be reading this: I'm sorry. 

To the readers: Please just give me a chance.

All Marvel Trailers! From Iron Man to Endgame! Wish me luck!