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Zion is a combat machine. He is not the ordinary gadget that you see these days. He is loyal to his mission, he is obsess with it, and he will kill for it. His artificial lenses are often blue, but they often turn red. And when it turns bloody red, beware.

Book I - The Pursuit of Positive Crime

Zion is set out to complete his mission after his ten years of waiting. He is created by a man named Positive Crime. His journey is set in a futuristic Cenyth, where humans and machines are fashioned in neon. Zion has to find his "mission" only to meet this person who is still clad in his traditional noble cloak. And is he with a butler?

What is the reason behind Zion's mission? Why did he have to wait 10 long years? A science fiction story with lots of action, humor, robots, flying ships and a whole pack of weird people and combat machines joined together in the midst of machine invasion.

Book II - The Identity of Crime

Zion and Charlie paired up to find the missing Earl, Lord Christendom. They ended up fugitive just to find their way to Ancient England, the country where Christendom was supposed to be held hostage. Would they really succeed in rescuing the earl in two weeks time? 

But in order to save the earl the painful truth should be uncovered, would Charlie be able to accept the truth? Could they really kill the Emperor—the mysterious individual behind cyborgs' invasion?

Positive Crime, on the other hand, was soon to be revealed despite his extravagant effort to lock himself away. Crime's brain and indescribable intelligence was something everyone should be afraid of, and Zion knew it all. 

Crime's purpose in giving Zion his final mission would shock the whole Cenyth. The identity of Crime would surface out, revealing the deepness of Zion's final mission.

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