Anna Black, The Girl Who Lived, Book 1 (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Anna Black, The Girl Who Lived, Book 1 (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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Harry Potter and Anna Black were used to a normal and boring life on Privet Drive until they each get a letter that will change their lives forever... Follow Anna and Harry on their adventures at Hogwarts. From meeting new friends to facing the Dark Lord himself, this story will change the way you see the original series.  I hope you enjoy! :)

 P.S. The story will be much better than this trashy summary!

P.S. 2.0. This series is currently being edited. I really do apologize for the lack of mature writing and many mistakes. I promise that once I fix everything, the story will be at least decent. Hang in there!

Obviously, I don't own any original HP characters/plots, they belong to the one and only JK Rowling

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Wow! Sirius finally has something meaningfulness nice to say!
Queenie_XOXOXO Queenie_XOXOXO Jul 07, 2017
I am not sure who Mary Sue is, but is she some perfect person with no flaws?
JustMae1998 JustMae1998 Jan 10
Good I was worrying something was wrong since everyone’s staring at me crying my eyes out
Ah.. Ol' Paddy is still in there :') The Marauders will live on forever.
I think I'm broken by this... my eyes are leaking is that normal?
MorganHaught MorganHaught 7 days ago
Slughorn never taught Sirius. He says in the 6th movie he taught the whole Black family but Sirius.