The Patriot

The Patriot

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Sammi Simonar By SammiSimonar Updated Jul 08, 2014

On a warm and sunny day in a farmhouse in South Carolina lived Benjamin Martin, uncle of Sam Curtis, and his children: Gabriel, Thomas, Nathan, Samuel, Margaret, William, and Susan Martin. That afternoon, Sam rode in on Sasha in her regular clothing.

"Father, Father," Nathan and Samuel said, running to the  work shed where their father worked.

"What is it boys?" their father asked them, looking up from his work.

"A general road up, and it looks like Sam, but we aren't sure," the boys replied, looking at each other.

Sam is short for Samantha.

"Hey Gabriel," Thomas started, "isn't that General Cornwallis?"

Gabriel looked at Thomas like he was dumbfounded, "No, dummy. That's our cousin, General Samantha "Sam" Curtis." Gabriel paused and then continued "She looks hurt. Here Thomas, carry my gun," he instructed with worry in his voice, "Father, it's General Sam Curtis."

Benjamin ran out of the work shed as fast as he could. When Ben got there, Gabriel was already helping Sam off the ...

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