An old fashioned love story coming soon.

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AnonymoussNovelistt AnonymoussNovelistt Sep 23, 2011
Her story will be in stores soon, read mine right now ! 
                              A story with a sick twist
ChelsBray ChelsBray Oct 10, 2010
@DebraJean37 haha, kayy, in the mean time, Ive written and posted another story, please check it out :)
DebraJean37 DebraJean37 Oct 09, 2010
Thank you for the reply!  Please let me know when it will be ready! DJ
jamilla_ jamilla_ Oct 06, 2010
hi...i can't remember if i read your story or could you tell me it's name? 
DebraJean37 DebraJean37 Oct 05, 2010
Congratulations!  It is great knowing some one went through the whole process and was successful!  Please don't forget to let me know when it's out.  Will it be available in digital format? {For payment of course!}  I look forward to your response!  DJ
ChelsBray ChelsBray Sep 04, 2010
@JezzyBell lol, yeahhh i did!! and awww don't be jello :) aha jk. and IDKK!!! My pub havent told me much, but The book will sell everywhere, I know for sure you can get it at Barnes and nobles and Borders and on their website once i"m finished with it. :) but in the UK?? idk yet :(