Big Time Sister- A Logan Love Story (BTR FanFic)

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Peyton By boyxboyuser Completed
Peyton Knight. Not a normal name. She lives with her abusive aunt. And, her brother is the famous Kendall Knight. Her mom left her with her sister while she took Kendall, Logan, James, Carlos, and Katie to LA. She has to cover her face with make-up at school to not make anyone suspicious. When everyone comes to visit, they find out what Peyton goes through. In LA, she falls in love with the guy she sees the most. Her brothers best friend. Logan Mitchell. Logan feels the same way, but will Kendall allow it? Then, her aunt shows up and takes her away from Logan. What will her mom do? She can't just stand there watching her daughter get abused by her sister! Come on, Jennifer. Stick up for your daughter! Will she do it or will Kendall have to?
awww, i just can't believe he did that at first but then they fixed and are all happy again.
awww, that is sweet about how much he cares about his sister. Its wierd how that the littler sisters name is Katie and my name is Katie but I spell it 'Kaitie' so yea!
great story! I have seen a lot of 1d fanfic out there but never any big time rush fanfic! i am not a huge fan of big time rush but way to be origal!