Wasted (Neymar Fan-Fiction)

Wasted (Neymar Fan-Fiction)

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Before I could fall, I felt a strong pair of arms, like that of an athlete’s, wrapping around my waist.

“Annoying brat,” his familiar voice huffed, but this time, I found myself smiling.

Neymar da Silva Santos, famous Brazilian forward for football, is hung up over his ex. He promises himself to never get drunk, ever again. But what if he does?

Gabriela, on the other hand, is an orphan and the adopted sister of Lionel Messi. She drinks like mad and thinks of everything in the most positive way possible. 

What if one night, the unexpected one of them got drunk while the other stayed sober? The table has turned. But what if when morning comes, and everything spins out of place?

Will there be a possible happily ever after?

I'd do anything for Messi. 🍆💦
                              If you want know I mean ... 👅
kcoceanlife kcoceanlife Jan 30, 2016
ice heard in a song before, but I'm still not sure what it means. so please inform me.
KanaanPatrong KanaanPatrong Sep 25, 2016
I am in love!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😘💕
reahsespieces reahsespieces May 18, 2015
Well that's what alcohol can do to you.. Haven't you been paying attention in class?
jennyxjv jennyxjv Oct 26, 2014
I'm reading this fanfic all over again it fits with my life except I don't drink bc I'm underage .-.
thatrandombrowngirl1 thatrandombrowngirl1 Aug 28, 2014
I hate American football. Don't understand it. Don't play it. Don't like it.