Alpha's Triplets

Alpha's Triplets

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... By Leelohh Updated Oct 18, 2015

I never wanted to become pregnant at 19. I seriously wanted to have kids at the age of 23. But, I just had to get drunk and have sex with the Alpha, who is also my idiot mate. Lucky me, not.

I haven't told because he rejected me. Did I mention I was a Royal? I am Indelia Sophia George, future ruler of the entire werewolf society. Probably wondering why I was partying, right? My parents understand I'm a teenager and let me make my own decisions, now that I am an adult. 

Now, they don't know I am pregnant. Choice One, Beg Alpha dude to let me stay with him or Choice Two, Tell my parents and get yelled at or lastly, Choice Three, Leave. And of course my pick is the last one. I don't do begging and I will not face my parents. They scare the crap out of me.

Let's let the adventures of pregnancy begin.

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alysahstar alysahstar Dec 14, 2015
Hello aren't you forgetting something?
                              Like I don't know shoes!!!!!