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always_exotic By always_exotic Updated Jul 11, 2017

As said in rumors Luhan was apparently kicked out of his family by his parents who were unable to recognize his dreams to be a singer.

Zuhan a 11yrs old girl born and raised in Canada due to the fact that her parents had moved from China to Canada a while before she was born, has always thought she was an only child due to the fact that she lives with her parents only.

What happen when this unusual girl confesses her dreams to be a kpop idol to her parents?

What happens when they tell her to leave?

What will happen when her 5 friends decided to go with her?

What happens when Jessie find out she not the oldest only child she thought see was, but the youngest with an older brother, that she has never heard of?

For the sake of my fanfic please know that Kris will be included

What happens when her 5 befriends (That have different backgrounds around Asia) are her only hope to find this family member/next legal guardian of hers?

Read more to find out!

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M_R_DeFelice15 M_R_DeFelice15 Mar 21, 2017
Quick question....why do they live alone if they are only in 6th and 7th grade? Is it a different system in Korea? I'm a little new to this
Chanse4ever Chanse4ever Jun 29, 2016
The cover actually has Tfboys and Tf Family's photos?! You know Tfboys too?