For Blue Skies (Larry AU)

For Blue Skies (Larry AU)

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Sometimes your life gets to a point where you get stuck. You have been trained to do something, and you’ll always do it even if you don’t want to because it is what you are used to. You think that there’s no getting out and this is just how your life is, but you’re wrong. There is always someone out there that will help you whether you like it or not. Now, will you accept the help and start over or continue with your old ways?

Sometimes marriage is where a relationship begins.

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2Larry_Stylinson2 2Larry_Stylinson2 Sep 06, 2017
What were bouncers doing letting a 16 year old into clubs anyways? You have to be 18 to enter in england like he is now
Idk how am I even reading this still... But this is so horrible and I hope it never happens to anyone
larrrycuddles larrrycuddles Jul 09, 2016
Harry should just escape and leave with all the money he sadly made :(