Topping The Jock - BoyXBoy

Topping The Jock - BoyXBoy

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Remy Rutherford and Milo Young hate each-other.

No, hate isn't even the right word. Despise? Loath? I don't think there's a word to describe their hatred. Let's just stick with hate, for now.

Remy and Milo hate each-other, and everyone knows it. A long high school rivalry between the track team and the basketball jocks only made it worse, and they have an especially shitty past too.

But when Remy starts feeling things other than hate for his no. 1 nemesis, he goes on a personal mission to top the jock, and this is how he did it.

(STANDALONE - 3rd book in the Sassy White Boys Trilogy)

Honestly the rivalry between sports is mostly my cross country team versus soccer because they think they're better but people keep quitting soccer to join cross country so 😉
So like, why is he aware of us? Is this like a Deadpool situation, or a journal type thing, or what?
blurrytruth blurrytruth Nov 21
everyone's talking about the masochist part but I'm here spazzing about Hamilton
Tbh I snatched up all the cute boys in my class then dumped them the next week but I'm not a slut and we didn't have sexual intercourse
Announcement: if you Americans find a hot French guy, please contact me, they are an extinct specy in my high-school in Paris 😂
-fadingout- -fadingout- Oct 09
that's me. I don't have a preference. I like someone based on who they are not who they like or what they like. If you're cool, funny and got good music taste, I'll probably be into you.