Bad Teacher ( Student and Teacher Love story)

Bad Teacher ( Student and Teacher Love story)

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Sydney By XxXLuvRoseXxX Updated Aug 13, 2011

Juliet is used to be kicked out of schools for her attitude. Mr.Hampton, who hates Juliet for "ruining his life", as he says it. He forced to help her with staying here for as long as she can but she makes it hard.  Juliet is immediately in the popular group because of the way she looks but she rejects them.Instead of the popular she goes for the loner type of girl. After all the time Mr.Hampton and Juleit spent together, can they begin to like each other. But when someone comes in and messes it up, spliting them apart. 

Will they get over their hate and make someting else or just say...

"Screw Juliet,"

"Mr.Hampton can go die in a hole. I already have the shovel."