Love, or Arrange Marriage?

Love, or Arrange Marriage?

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~ This is a Muslim love story; 
Mahum Kamal; an independant, smart 20 year old. She's not shy, extremely friendly, but easy to annoy. She's a very different person now, she's mature and barely speaks out of turn.

Adeel Hasan; a 23 year old post-graduate. He's funny, talkative, but he has a knack to annoy up-tight people. He's the same immature and light person, and barely is able to mind his own business.

Mahum and Adeel are- were friends. But, Mahum moved away, far far away, leaving poor Adeel alone. Both were children of high school best friends, so it was a given that they'd be tied to each other. But, with thousands of miles separating them, their reunion seemed impossible. Then, when all was forgotten about each other, they meet again, under the watchfull eyes of their parents. Why? Let's just say, to decide their fate...

I had this idea, like I usually have ideas for my stories, and it was only because there are barely any Muslim fictional stories on Wattpad, so I thought may be I'd do a unique one. Hopefully, you like this story.
*Important, this story's goal isn't to 'change' or 'offend' anyone's beliefs; IT'S ONLY FOR FUN! -M

*********Slow updates... You've been warned... Enjoy!!! <3

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xoxobesties xoxobesties Sep 23, 2014
@leila1331 Firstly, thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment :) it means the worl to me. why don't you send me a message to my inbox? I think that'll be easier in terns of discussing writing
l201700 l201700 Sep 17, 2014
hey, i'm planning to read this book of yours...... but i was wondering if u could give me some good and helpful ideas. i wanna do a story on Muslim arranged marriage which soon turns into love marriage. and i would love if u help me.........
imjustthatrandomgirl imjustthatrandomgirl Mar 31, 2014
This is like my life...Because this is what i go through every single day :')
- - Jan 21, 2014
Lol, I started laughing when you wrote, "typical." 
                              I'm so reading on, sis ;)
xoxobesties xoxobesties Aug 12, 2013
@MidnightWhisperer Thank you!! I hope you like the book if you continue!! <3
xoxobesties xoxobesties Aug 06, 2013
@mkm16_123 Thank you so much!! That's really sweet!! <3 I'm glad you really like this book!!! <3