Me and my older brothers boyxboy

Me and my older brothers boyxboy

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Minnie By XxFangirlHere Updated Dec 22, 2016

Just  some   brother love don't  hate

Boy on boy action.  If  you don't  like it   then.........what the Fuck are you doing reading the mother fucking Description box?

Anyway! this is a love story between 2 blood brothers and 2 step-brothers. all 4 of them are dating. and what do you think will happen when they mother founds out?

Ass beatings!!!!

just kidding....but for real read on to found out :P

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27_Ryder_27 27_Ryder_27 Sep 26, 2017
I've said that to my cousin before. I got punched in the face with him screaming "WHOS UGLY NOW?!" And his mom yelled "STILL YOU SWEETIE DONT WORRY MOMMY LOVES YOU." God I love my family lol
Jeffylikesties Jeffylikesties Mar 06, 2017
When u realize you're a Otaku when you know the story cover is Itachi and Sasuke! 😅