Wrongfully Incarcerated

Wrongfully Incarcerated

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About Three Years Ago...

Your POV

"I can't wait to get home and take a shower," I said as I drove home from working a twelve hour shift, "and I get to see my baby tomorrow."

I was the CEO of Y/L/N Tech. I loved my job. My dad passed away and the company became mine. My daughter, Leila, was my world and I'd do anything for her. She had me wrapped around her little finger. She wanted cuddles. She got cuddles. She wanted a foot massage. She got a foot massage. Her mother and I were on bad terms. She had kicked me out and kept threatening to get a divorce, so I bought myself an apartment. It was big enough for my daughter and I, so that was all that really mattered. My best friend, Levi, would come over when ever he needed a break from reality. He'd would just sleep and eat up all my food, but he was my ride or die. 

He had texted me earlier that day that he would be coming over while I was at work, which didn't matter because his ass had a key. 
When I got home, the door was wide op...

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