Goodness Gracious!

Goodness Gracious!

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Selema By chasingcastles Completed


Book #1 of the "Cornwall" - Series

A witty and thrilling romance story where a London journalist has to return to her hometown and disguise herself as a novice to escape a dangerous criminal while falling in love with the local priest. 


Fair enough that Lindy Coleman has been offered a job as an investigative journalist right after graduating from university.

Unfortunately, the euphoria doesn't last long when her boss gives her the delicate task to convict one of London's most famous bankers and perpetrated criminals.

As one thing leads to another, she manages to manoeuvre herself into a precarious situation, forcing her to leave the metropolis and flee to her home county of Cornwall.

In an unexpected turn of events, she finds herself disguised as a novice in a convent, struggling with her new environment.

While trying to adapt to the new circumstances, she is confronted with her past, unexpected problems and forbidden feelings.

Like the Bible would say, she was led like a lamb to slaughter...