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As I ran the only thing I could hear was my brothers voice telling me to run. His voice and the bullets flying past my head.

I was almost in the clearing when a sharp pain shot through my side, causing me to trip and fall onto my stomach and slid into a tree. I groaned loudly as I flipped over onto my back, moving my hand towards the painful place on my side. When I moved my fingers back up I saw something red. Blood. I was shot.

I was about to crawl away when a man stepped over me and aimed his gun at my face. He put his finger on the trigger and snickered at me. Three words left his lips "Long Live Black" before the gun went off 


Lily Hunter has been abused since she was a child  for the death of her mother. Her older brother Jax has always tried to keep her safe but even he fails sometimes. Jax's best friend Xavier has been with the both of them through all of their problems and helps them the most he's able to. After the break out they break apart and are now on the run to try and find a safe Haven but no luck was found. As danger and adventure appear so do mysteries and secrets, will Lily figure them out? What is the big secret she's hiding?

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