I fell In Love with my BestFriend ( Harry Potter Love Story )

I fell In Love with my BestFriend ( Harry Potter Love Story )

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Ebony Kristine Adler was the Known Daughter of Dove Megana Adler and Darwin Jay Adler . The family lived in the nearby areas of London, Formally Known as Little Whinging. Surprisingly, The Adler Family lived close by to the Dursley's. The Adler Family was directly in front of The Dursley Home. Though, The Adler Family never likes the Dursley's, But they did take a Liking to the one child, Who wasn't a Dursley. 

Harry James Potter. Dove Adler normally hears yells from the Dursley home. Mostly Petunia Dursley Verbally abusing Harry, So Sometimes, The Adler Family Let's Harry sleep over at their house. Darwin And Dove also had a Child. So therefore, Harry and Ebony were close. They've known eachother for 5 years, they even went to Hogwarts Together! 

,But more than Friendship was in mind... Find out what happened to Harry And Ebony, In their 2rd Year Of Hogwarts!

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