Crave You (Cameron Dallas Dirty Fanfiction)

Crave You (Cameron Dallas Dirty Fanfiction)

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Camerons_Girlfriend_ By Camerons_Girlfriend_ Updated Feb 29

Your POV

You woke up at 12 on the dot Saturday morning and yawned loudly.Your loud grunt woke up your boyfriend of 1 year Cameron.He slowly opened his eyes and said "Hey beautiful".

His sexy morning voice turned you on so much,you responded "hey babe" and kissed him on the cheek.As you were pulling away Cameron pulled you back in and kissed you passionately on the lips.This got heated really quickly and turned into a make out session.

As you two were making out you slowly moved your hand under cams shirt to feel his abs.He was so ripped and he turned you on so much.

Before it escalated you pulled away from cameron and said "we can't do this,were going to be late for the beach with jack,mahogany,and matt".He responded with a pouty face "okay".

You got up off the bed and made your way to the bathroom.You were wearing one of cameron's shirts with no pants on,His shirts fell about mid thigh on you.As you were walking you could feel cameron eyeing your legs and ass.

Cameron's POV

As ...

I wanna be a virgin till I get married. But in the society of the world today, doubt that'll happen
I was eating my alphabetical spaghetti and choked on the D. 😂😏
GOALS how romantic is licking sour cream from your girlfriends cheek 😂😂 FCE😂🔥🔥 ok I'm jk
"She wasn't ready." That's how I feel, the face locking is making me cringe a bit
                              That's he best thing you can come up with
Why don't we all start to lick stuff off of people's faces😑