My New Neighbour| A Paul McCartney Fanfic

My New Neighbour| A Paul McCartney Fanfic

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Classic 🎸 R🎧CK! By ClassicRockLover04 Updated Aug 24

"You like me".

"Shut up Paul no I don't!"

"Yes you do, you're just too scared to admit it".

"Just leave me the fuck alone!"

Chuckling under his breath, he pushed me againt the brick wall as I quickly turn my head to the side, feeling his lips going closer to my ear making me shiver with his deep voice against it.

"Just let me take this a step further" he whispered...


Anna Lennon is Johns youngest sister whos now having to move in with her Uncle in Forthlin Rd Liverpool, after their mother tragically died by a car accident.

Anna's life is turned into a new beginning until she finds herself in the eyes of her new fellow neighbour.

Paul McCartney.

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