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My Cat Named Prince (BoyxBoy)

My Cat Named Prince (BoyxBoy)

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Ria By Ria277 Updated Jun 13, 2016

Story originally named My Cat Is A Neko?!

Who would have known that your everyday cat could transform into any mammal on the planet? Especially if this cat wears the collar you gave it no matter what species it is, even human. Join Ben, the owner, and Prince -the cat- as Ben finds out what true love really is.

who-needs_sprinkles who-needs_sprinkles Oct 07, 2016
Okay so i thought that this book sounded really sweet and it sounded cool to so i decided to read it i hope that you won't let me down😁😘
Voiceless_But_Loud Voiceless_But_Loud Dec 19, 2016
Damn, I guess I'm not a cat person because Everytime I try to pick up my grandparents cats the little thing bites and scratches me , but then again I do prefer dogs
SnazzlePoop SnazzlePoop Dec 27, 2016
So the title literally says, "My Cat Is A Cat." That's kinda funny.
mollstermagnet mollstermagnet Dec 30, 2016
My cat acts like a scarf, climbs onto my shoulder then slinkies around my neck. She's come to the park with me and my friends several times because she's on my neck i even climbed up the ' rock ' thats 3 times the height of a school bus and gone on the zipwire she just doesnt care
diisconnected diisconnected Aug 01, 2016
I thought they were brown eyes?! No problem with the change just being one of those people and now I'll stop ;P
who-needs_sprinkles who-needs_sprinkles Oct 07, 2016
Okay so this chapter was really good and i had a friend named sean pronounced shawn