Shadows and Curses

Shadows and Curses

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Willow Hadley By xwillowee Updated Aug 23

Unlike the rest of her family, Harriet Abbot has no real magical talent--except for the unusual ability to see and interact with ghosts. Unfortunately, it's rarely a very useful gift. This has always set Harriet apart from other witches, and she's never really fit in with her peers. 

Now she's moving to Weeping Hollow, Massachusetts. Her mother and aunt have recently inherited their family home, and they plan on converting it into a bakery and tea shop. But the house has sat empty and abandoned for 23 years, forced to rot because of a curse placed there by Harriet's Great-Grandmother Sylvia. 

Harriet can't help being intrigued by the mystery surrounding Sylvia and the once-illustrious Abbot House. Between helping her mom and aunt in fixing up the house, dealing with catty witches at her new school, and the annoying group of amateur ghost hunters that have decided to bring her into their club against her will, she has little time to investigate the curse. 

But the more she explores her new town, the more curious she becomes.

Cover made by @Crimson_Graves ❤️

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