Doll of the Living (Doll! Sasori x Reader)

Doll of the Living (Doll! Sasori x Reader)

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奥村義郎 By sunshineyoshi Updated Dec 13, 2015

(Doll! Sasori x Reader)

5 years ago, you went to a shop with your beloved mother. This doll was passed down to you from the old shop owner. Little did you know that it was dangerous to all except you. You took care of it and treated it with all your respect... That was until on day something changed...

-HI READERS OF THIS STORY! I have expanded 'Doll of the Living' from Quotev to Wattpad! So here it is on the popular reading site now! Enjoy! (:

Cinderanna Cinderanna Mar 12, 2016
Omg Sasuke your a news reporter?! I would watch the news everyday!!
Panda_Kyo Panda_Kyo Feb 16, 2016
See I watched "The Boy".....and now this makes me more paranoid of that happening (not gonna spoil incase you didn't watch it)
If it were me, the moment that would've happened I would've chucked the doll aside and ran away as fast as I can...
Ayy-mami Ayy-mami Aug 03, 2016
Every one here thinking of horror movies
                              While I'm here thinking of Goosebumps 
                              Night of the Living Dummy
DaydreamChella DaydreamChella Apr 24, 2016
I would seriously hurt myself everyday just to go see doctor Gaara! Awesome story by the way
Raikirii Raikirii Oct 11, 2015
I was the same height as Levi when I had 9 years old lol now I feel like a giant