Left Me Standing

Left Me Standing

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Riss // By _Rissa_The_Writer_ Updated 3 days ago

Laila Jerome never expected for this to happen, and especially not to her, but it did. She was left standing at the altar on her wedding day, waiting to get married to the 'love of her life' . Thomas Rhine, the man Laila had been with for over three years,  left her because he wasn't ready, he lied to her and more importantly, himself.  Laila left the altar that day, along with her heart.

Derek Danes, he lived the life of a wealthy CEO of his own company. With his life planned out for him from the very beginning, he was starting to wish he could be somewhere else . Derek wanted change, so when his friend of ten years is getting married, he decides it's the perfect time for change.

It's been five years since Laila last thought about Thomas, but its also been almost ten years since she's been home or contacted old friends.  But one day, definitely out of the blue, her old childhood best friend, Clare, calls and tells her she's getting married. Now, Laila and Clare had not seen nor spoken to each other in years and Clare had only heard of what had happened to Laila. So Clare asks Laila to be her maid of honor as a last minute decision and not  knowing who Clare is marrying, she accepts. 

But what happens when the man her old childhood best friend is marrying turns out to be the one that left her at the altar, what is going to happen?  When Laila meets Derek, she's overwhelmed with a feeling she hasn't felt in a very long time. Her heart is telling her to...love? 

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Fran_Zes03 Fran_Zes03 Sep 26, 2015
A tear slipped....
                              I salute  Lailas's patience and kindness to her best friend...
joyousglorious joyousglorious Aug 16, 2015
uhm...no.. i just saw the man who broke my heart. i cannot handle this right now. bye.
VictoriaGodfrey VictoriaGodfrey Aug 07, 2015
How does the best friend not know what your ex looks like.  He was off limits from the word go.  Then to ask her to stay after the fact, she would have become a ex best friend
sweettongue sweettongue May 22, 2015
dmn. This is upsetting. Its like she just went out for a party then went home
unconditionially unconditionially Apr 21, 2015
What I don't get is how she didn't know who her best friend was dating
DAAshwood DAAshwood Mar 06, 2015
She is so strong. I would have still slapped him hard and walked out.