bite me, beta » liam dunbar

bite me, beta » liam dunbar

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˗ˏˋmultifandomˎˊ˗ By JCGHEADS Completed

Book 1/1 [COMPLETED]

When Katherine Lahey starts her first year at Beacon Hills High without her older brother, she finds it hard fitting in. She's found a horrible liking to a boy named Liam Dunbar, who was also a freshman. When something happens to him, she realizes they may be more alike than they think. //

this book fucking sucks js
[edit: no, seriously, why is this still getting reads]
[edit: i actually hate you all why does this have 34k reads what the fUCK]

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Preach! And your profile picture of Alex and Bailey is beautiful 😘
jc_girly jc_girly Oct 05
I used to hate Malia but come on. She tries really hard and she's such a sweetheart
I didn't know she was a werewolf and I was making that like awkward Michael Scott face that's like 😬
Did anyone else think of Hagrid when stiles said "I shouldnt've said that"
Bold__ Bold__ Aug 17
i'm carrying that water bobby bouche, and you know imma slaughter like i'm jason. that's why i got on safety, white girl wasted on brown liquor...
p_christa p_christa Sep 19
god im sorry im such a socially awkward person 
                              im literally 10 percent ink, 40 percent depression, and the rest anxiety