bite me, beta » liam dunbar

bite me, beta » liam dunbar

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˗ˏˋmultifandomˎˊ˗ By JCGHEADS Completed

Book 1/1 [COMPLETED]

When Katherine Lahey starts her first year at Beacon Hills High without her older brother, she finds it hard fitting in. She's found a horrible liking to a boy named Liam Dunbar, who was also a freshman. When something happens to him, she realizes they may be more alike than they think. //

this book fucking sucks js
[edit: no, seriously, why is this still getting reads]
[edit: i actually hate you all why does this have 34k reads what the fUCK]

4th under Liam Dunbar ((:

Everyone is talking about how its Stydia or Stalia and I'm just like..... Sterek all the way
I didn't know she was a werewolf and I was making that like awkward Michael Scott face that's like 😬
Bold__ Bold__ Aug 17
i'm carrying that water bobby bouche, and you know imma slaughter like i'm jason. that's why i got on safety, white girl wasted on brown liquor...
I am a huge stalia shipper and totally against stydia (and studying for that matter) but I totally respect your ship. This is a really good book. 
                              Don't see why lots of people are commenting about stalia like stawpppp. Just enjoy the damn book
dudeitsthatgirl dudeitsthatgirl 5 days ago
god im sorry im such a socially awkward person 
                              im literally 10 percent ink, 40 percent depression, and the rest anxiety
Honestly i like stydia and stalia but i just hate how bad malia got hurt and alone she was then stiles goes with one of her friends and malia doesnt even have much friends so its her close friend kinda