bite me, beta » liam dunbar

bite me, beta » liam dunbar

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˗ˏˋmultifandomˎˊ˗ By JCGHEADS Completed

Book 1/1 [COMPLETED]

When Katherine Lahey starts her first year at Beacon Hills High without her older brother, she finds it hard fitting in. She's found a horrible liking to a boy named Liam Dunbar, who was also a freshman. When something happens to him, she realizes they may be more alike than they think. //

this book fucking sucks js
[edit: no, seriously, why is this still getting reads]
[edit: i actually hate you all why does this have 34k reads what the fUCK]

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I have a crush on a boy for 4 years i had to lie and tell my friends i don't like him anymore i still do
ChelseaLea2002 ChelseaLea2002 Jun 03, 2017
Preach! And your profile picture of Alex and Bailey is beautiful 😘
jc_girly jc_girly Oct 05, 2017
I used to hate Malia but come on. She tries really hard and she's such a sweetheart
racetrackhuggins- racetrackhuggins- 3 days ago
and then there's little old me who's only ever crushed on celebrities, youtubers and broadway stars. (i'm not joking)
idontcareanymorehaha idontcareanymorehaha Aug 13, 2017
Did anyone else think of Hagrid when stiles said "I shouldnt've said that"
-KIRACHU -KIRACHU Nov 29, 2017
oh my god i feel so uncomfortable and disgusted after reading the moist earlobes comment hELP