Trust Me (Drarry AU)

Trust Me (Drarry AU)

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Tiger_Scar By Tiger_Scar Updated Jun 18, 2015

Hey guys! Just thought that I would explain a few things so you won't get confused. Okay, so in my story, Dumbledore and Sirius are alive. Also, They are in their Seventh Year at Hogwarts. Voldemort is still here but we will deal with him later. 

Draco was still supposed to kill Dumbledore but he refused to and Snape want there so Dumbledore lived. So now Draco is a traitor and is...I explain this in the story.

That is enough of this, get to reading! Tek me ypif you liked it and what you thought! 

Happy reading!

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Not a traitor and finds out he's gay for Harry damn Potter ☺️☺️
Gonzalyse Gonzalyse Oct 30, 2016
Dumbledore was dying. So if Snape didn't kill him he would be dead soon anyway. The curse, remember??
- - Jul 06, 2015
I can imagine this same line if he were swallowing Harry's jiz. I'm sorry. Continue
Ait-Chan_Megitsune Ait-Chan_Megitsune Jun 08, 2015
I Imagined his face contorting into a scowl when he said 'Potter'