Beyond The Shadows (Shadows Saga bk3) ON HOLD

Beyond The Shadows (Shadows Saga bk3) ON HOLD

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Lindsey Lippincott (Linna) By Linna1029 Updated Jun 12, 2015

This is the third story in the series!

And this description could contain some spoilers.

I suggest you go back and read Shadow's Edge and Between Shadows if you have not already.

Everything seems to have settled down in the Magical Realm following Zander's death. 

Trixle has transitioned into her role on the High Council, and now the Realm has something new in mind for Mara.

The witches are finally coming together and most are looking to the representative of their people, but there are a select few who have different plans. 

By now, Mara and her friends have learned to be prepared. Something else could always be waiting for them around the corner. 

Marx and Trixle both know the story, it's been passed down for generations. The bedtime story to scare the kids. The story to keep them in line, to strike fear in them if they ever deviate from their ideals. It's about the Realm's own personal boogie man. But what happens when those stories have some truth to them? What if the boogie man is real?

Find out in Beyond the Shadows

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anneteka anneteka Aug 31, 2014
Actually Shadow Triology is one of the best I've ever read and you can trust me I've reading a lot :)
anneteka anneteka Aug 31, 2014
And can you add a mate for Trix?) I want a happy end for her 
anneteka anneteka Aug 31, 2014
I can't wait to read this story!)) It's really amazing and I like it so so soooo much!
NatashaGood NatashaGood Aug 24, 2014
ooh exited to see what comes next ... can't wait to follow this after reading both books n the edited version of the first. just keeps getting better n better...!!!
FrancesRamos1 FrancesRamos1 Jul 21, 2014
This series has been more than amazing and you just keep getting better and better as a writer. I want to read it... NOW, and submerge myself back into the world of your creation! 
                              Get typing roomie!!  ;B
jay201266 jay201266 Jul 18, 2014
is marx sister in this i would love to hear more about her story