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I'm Forever Yours (BoyxBoy) [Twincest]

I'm Forever Yours (BoyxBoy) [Twincest]

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Amy By AmySpamy97 Completed

[This book will contain- at numerous times- two GUYS acting upon feelings- which means sexual acts. So, gay sex is present! No likey no readey! Please move on! Oh, and I think there are only three R-RATED scenes in the whole book, so it's R for those three! Thanks]

Tyler and Ryley are twins. Twins that are extremely close, steal kisses and mess around like best friends. But what happens when fate pulls them together, and they fall in love? Forbidden love had never been so real for either of them, up until the day they fell.

Am I the only person who skips the picture because whatever I imagine in my head is way hotter
Parent-kid relationships I find repulsive, but sibling relationships I just can't seem to be disturbed about for some reason. Unless you get your sister pregnant, bc I'm pretty sure that just has a lot of health risks
sleepingwith_joshler sleepingwith_joshler Sep 24, 2016
I broke some kids nose because he called my girlfriend some cruel names
OddlyWonderfulLife OddlyWonderfulLife Aug 18, 2016
Okay I just thought of that...popular thing (idk where it originally came from) that's like 'WHAT THE FÛČK IS GOING ON' and about died trying not to laugh and wake up my sister.
MMima93 MMima93 Aug 01, 2016
Madden like Maiden! 
                              Why am i finding music in everything...
Fluffy_Is_Amazeballs Fluffy_Is_Amazeballs Sep 13, 2016
ME TOO. I'M IN LOVE NOW. I just gotta get his brother out the way turn into a guy's then we can be together.