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Taylor By ToBeFearless Updated 3 years ago
Amber Nole is a little more than creeped out about the fact that the town she's moved into has another Amber Nole that looks exactly like her. That one is dead, with the new one born the exact moment she died. Amber is freaked, and not just by reading the first one's diary, but by similar events that are beginning to happen to herself. If she can't figure out the unsolve murder, History may ended up repeating itself..
I like how you've begun this in a diary format but in my opinion, it is very short and lacks a storyline. Maybe try and develop this into a chapter of at least a page so people can get an idea of what's going on and how this are going to develop and to maybe get them interested also.
i liked the way the story is written. ive never read something with that style before. it was quite good. the name reminded me of amber cole though. is that where you got it from?
The diary is a very good tool, I have used it myself in my story to make it progress in certain placed. Use it well.