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Lucifer's Fall

Lucifer's Fall

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Katerina Sinclair By Vushie Updated Feb 19

"What are you doing?" I managed to get out.

"What do you want me to do?" he purred.

"Release me?"

Lucifer's lips played along the sensitive skin behind my ear. "That's a question, little angel. One that even you're not sure of." His husky voice brushed down my spine like sensual fur.

My resistance was weakening from the onslaught of earthly pleasure I had never experienced before and the haunting familiarity. It was a heady combination that threatened to overwhelm me. "It's not like I can stop you. If you want something you'll take it." I gasped out.

"Does it make you feel better, to think I'd force you? You think you can hide behind your virtue and convince yourself I took something you had no intention of giving. That you could never want, desire, need something as unholy as me. You would shake your head and say the Light couldn't possibly crave the Dark." With ease Lucifer turned me over and I was slammed with his cruel beauty, that stunning face and form edged with shadows. His hands wrapped around my wrists and his midnight eyes locked on mine. "I don't need to force you. I know desire, little angel. I can recognise it in its basest, purest form. You can dress it up and call it what you like. You can hide it from yourself, but you can't hide it from me."

You are a wonderful writer !!
                              He is machiavellian ... and worse ! He is the devil after all !
a lot of people are like.. power of friendship.. and I'm here like *cough* *cough* *suggestive face* too early for that?... okay...
*claps wildly* Let's begin our journey.. again... yes, I've read this like... let's just say a couple of times and not get stuck on maths and such...
I'm used to Satan being a goofy little bitch so this is mildly amusing
Play scrabble.... that's how my classics teacher puts it 😂
*cough* *cough* ... that's what she wants him to do with her..