Roza and Dimka- Inseparable Love <3 (ON HOLD)

Roza and Dimka- Inseparable Love <3 (ON HOLD)

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Ophelia Rose By xXRoseAsInRed1Xx Updated Nov 12, 2012

Rose and Dimitri live happily ever after, after "Last Sacrifice" or so you think. One day Rose's life changes forever, and she has to decided whether to stay, or to leave, but once she makes her decision what will happen to her happily ever after? Or was it all Dimitri's fault? Or does someone hate Rose so much they want to take her life from her? What will happen Rose?

Will Rose fufill her long time dream that no one knows about? Will her decision change how everyone feels about her? Will the gang come together to search for Rose, or is she old news? Does Dimitri regret anything? Will her secret dream job cause him to think differently of her? Or does he truly love Rose, and will do anything for her?

Please, give my book a chance?! I'm a HUGE fan of VA, and have always wanted to write a fanfiction about it in my own personal style. <3 Luv ya!

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