Liebe? Liebe.

Liebe? Liebe.

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💖 Zara 💖 By hummelsino Updated Jun 16, 2019


📍Mykonos, Greece 🇬🇷

"Aaaaah" I sigh as I plop down on the bed in our hotel room.  I've never been this happy to be back in my room, especially when I'm on vacation. 

But guess who forgot to wear sunscreen and looks like crisp cookie once again? 

You guessed it. I did.

"Liebe, let me put some aloe vera gel on your booboos." My boyfriend Loris says jokingly and I can't even make my mean face at him since my face got sunburnt as well. It even hurts to blink or open my mouth to say something. 

Next time I'll pack at least 10 bottles of sunscreen lotions and such. 

"Liebe? Are you even listening to me?" 

"Um sorry, what were you saying?"

"I asked you, if you wanna order some room service. I guess you don't wanna move much now." Loris says and scratches his neck. He always does it when he's unsure of something, or when he's just nervous. If he only didn't look so adorable, ah. 

"Well, you're right. Can you order me some salad and some sparkling water, please?" ...