I'm Here.  [Tom Holland]

I'm Here. [Tom Holland]

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"Y/N, I'm here, i promise." Tom assured her.

"Are you?" She said softly, pain ringing in her tone. "Because i feel like im always having to do everything on my own."

His heart ached.


(Y/N) and Tom Holland are happily engaged. With every passing day the wedding grows nearer and with this comes thoughts of their own future and how it will progress.

(Y/N) is a 23 year old American girl whom met Tom when she was 21 when he was filming the Avengers. She was part of the behind the scenes kind of thing like camera lighting, staging, casting, that sort of thing. When casting Tom a sort of click happened between the two, she shrugged it off as nothing more but Tom didn't. The rest was history until now, the two are engaged.

Tom constantly traveling has been putting a strain on the relationship between the two. While (Y/N) is in America signing contracts, booking flights and discussing advertisements with companies, Tom is being the face of his new movie Spider-man: Far From Home.

Although (Y/N) knows that all of it will be over soon, regarding him and Marvel/Sony, deep down she realizes that, it wont stop. When will it be just the two of them? When will he be able to take a break? Be able to settle down?

(Y/N) doesnt know how much more she can take.


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