The Half Angel (on temporary hold)

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Giselle (Ellie) Haversham is a fairly typical 15 year old girl, save for the fact that she doesn't lust after her high school's golden boy, or know her biological parents, that is. She's awfully stubborn, fiercely independent, and somewhat sarcastic. What happens when she befriends the golden boy she thought she hated, accidentally captures the persistent attention of the bad boy with a darkness in him, and falls for the seemingly perfect guy who broke major rules to be with her? She enters the world of secrets, evil, betrayal, myths, forbidden love, and sacrifice. How will it all end?
You should write more! This is so good and I'm dying to know what happens next!
i love it! u have such good writing technique. ur very talented.
I love the description in this chapter - description's something I seem to struggle with. Its a great start :D