Elephant Girl

Elephant Girl

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Ellie By Loverofwriting97 Completed

Abigail Hutches has been stripped of her sunny life in California when she is forced to move to liberal Virginia when her mother is put in rehab. But Gran and her mom are all she has left so it was either foster care or Gran. Her father died when she was seven in the Marines and all Abigail has left of him is a plush elephant named Ellie. 

Ellie goes everywhere with her but is kept hidden. What 16 year old girl in her right mind would have a stuffed elephant? 

That is, until Adam Carness, Peaks High Golden Boy, has it in his possession. Adam and Abigail strike up a deal. For the rest of the year, Abigail is practically his slave and Ellie doesn't get hurt. 

Abigail isn't ready to give Ellie up. 

Adam needs to show people that he's not what they think. 
Will this deal turn into something beautiful or just leave both of them ruined?


Cover by: opensaturn

ForMyOwn ForMyOwn Apr 04
Virginia is great. At least we HAVE water. (Can you tell I'm touchy about my home state?)
Mom- 37
                              Dad would be- 40 
                              Step-dad-39 almost 40
                              Grandma- 63? I'm a bad granddaughter 
                              Me- 18...
                              Grandpa-...um 65?😐
                              I'm listing my whole family age hold up...jk but fr tho🙄😬
nishka2001 nishka2001 Jun 27
Are you sure it's your first time writing..I mean you are too good to be true.touch wood..
ForMyOwn ForMyOwn Apr 04
Are you sure you're from California? Cause that's how people from Virginia speak
Ziele62 Ziele62 Jan 04
Same. Being a rebel can be tiring sometimes, unfortunately tomorrow is the first day back to school from winter break and… *sigh*… I'm gonna be surrounded by idiots and that means I have to turn my head on to think.
_UniquelyUnoriginal_ _UniquelyUnoriginal_ Dec 31, 2016
It's funny cause when my grandma wakes me up it's like really soft and kind and then with my mom it's more "WAKE UP NIÑA YOUR TO LAZY GET UP!" And then she will tap my head repeatedly