he's real || zarry au {COMPLETED}

he's real || zarry au {COMPLETED}

36.4K Reads 2K Votes 12 Part Story
Tori Stylik By xGetTheShovelZarryx Completed

"no, I'm not a ghost"

"then what are you?"

"I'm Harry"

Zayn struggles to keep himself sane when a boy keeps appearing around and no one else can see him,
but Zayn.

© 2014 xGetTheShovelZarryx

Completed On: September 17, 2014

JCMgirl16 JCMgirl16 Dec 23, 2016
I love how guys always refer to girls on their period to describe mood swings 😒
_Sailem_ _Sailem_ Aug 23, 2016
According to one of my guy friends, I act the same as when I'm not on my period. Not everyone is the same. I'm a mellow person so I'm a good person when I'm on my period, I just get the feels 10x worse than when I'm not.
itsZaynAndhaRRY itsZaynAndhaRRY Jul 23, 2016
I love when ziall are friends in stories. I live for it. 😵
StylesAddicted01 StylesAddicted01 Jun 13, 2016
I envy ppl like that i can't even draw a flower while staring at the hell of it for an hour :(
uhh_okay uhh_okay Jan 19, 2016
My science teacher yelled at my class once and called us punks who think that we're cool