Voodoo Doll ||Muke AU||

Voodoo Doll ||Muke AU||

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Lauren By PizzaClifford___ Updated Dec 30, 2016

||Trigger Warning||

Michael Clifford is fine. 

Or that's what he always says. 

But, Michael is not fine. Michael his abused by his own band member, Luke Hemmings.

Also, Michael has depression, an eating disorder, and anxiety.

Luke is in love with Michael, but abuses Michael to try to push his feelings away.

Michael always has to hide burns, scratches, cuts, scars, and bruises from his family, friends, and fans.

Michael wants to tell people about his problem, but can't, because he cared too much about Luke to do that.

No matter how badly Luke hurt Michael, Michael still cared about Luke.

Luke didn't used to be like this, Luke used to be Michael's best friend, Luke used to be fun and would laugh with Michael.

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5sos_Emily 5sos_Emily May 31, 2016
Hiya Liz.... yes its about Luke. Tell him to play soft with Mikey. You didn't raise an animal. Anyone else want a word with Liz?
slowtumblrhoe slowtumblrhoe May 15, 2016
Trust me if he ever did that to Michael I'd kick him in the ass hole to there he can't sit down until Christmas
MagicMewa MagicMewa Jan 23, 2017
But you like dicks so your just as much a dick yourself huh ashy?
NotABoatMaker NotABoatMaker May 28, 2016
                              I thought he was drawing with own like those Tumblr posts tell you to but no
                              He cuts
                              Wish I could cut like that and call it drawing
SushiPotato SushiPotato Jun 24, 2015
I don't cry easily but when I read this I cried even though I haven't even gotten past the first chapter...no shame.
ParkerAsF ParkerAsF Feb 01, 2015
Hunny it's gets better see someone talk about please get help