Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle

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Call me Cassi. By ElvishPotterhead Updated Aug 24

Sequel to Form Voltron. I advise that you read that first or you won't understand the story.

After they left Voltron, Zara and Levi finally return home. Unfortunately, after traveling through space for so long, their emotions are tangled and tension is high. 
When Zara reunited with her former boyfriend Ash, Levi is suddenly hit with memories of his boyfriend and jealousy begins to flare up.
At the same time, Zara visits an old friend who explains some secrets that have been kept from her since she first started at the Garrison as a student. She is forced to explain her past to Ash, who isn't sure what's real anymore.
And Ash, after leaving his arranged marriage and reuniting with his girlfriend, is suddenly tossed headfirst into a completely different story. He can't tell up from down in this futuristic world and has to make a choice: Zara or his home?

Started June 7, 2019

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